Under 17 Driver Training School

Do you have a 14, 15 or 16 year old who can’t wait to get behind the wheel?

We are one of the first independent Blackpool based Driving School’s to offer these unique training facilities.

The benefits to young drivers are extremely rewarding. Many young people cannot wait to learn this life skill and they all want to learn ahead of their friends!! Regular structured lessons on an off-road site under supervision of our Driving Standards Agency approved, Criminal Records Bureau checked Professional, Instructor with 23 years of experience, will give them this opportunity. The lessons will teach them car control, awareness, observation etc and as a result, this will enable them to apply for their driving test with a few weeks of actually driving on the roa! They will already be well ahead in the learning process with the confidence, skills and correct attitude towards driving a motor car.

By 17, pupils may have already picked up bad habits and particularly bad attitudes towards driving a car either from older friends or people around them that they have observed.

We aim to teach skills  for life by driving safely and realising the severe implications of not doing so. The standards expected now by the Driving Standards Agency are extremely high and tuition for youngsters needs to be of a very high calibre in order for them to attain a safe ‘pass’. Bellway Driving School, with our wealth of experience, can certainly provide this experience.

We will teach car control, engine and car safety checks, hazard perception and speed awareness.

Recent studies in Sweden proved that teaching young people to drive at an earlier age reduced their future accident risk by a staggering 40%!!

Statistics show that 4 in 5 fatal accidents in the UK involve young people between 17 and 21. Our aim at Bellway is to reduce that figure with advanced car control skills, observation, awareness, anticipation and especially the CORRECT ATTITUDE towards driving a car.

 1-1 Training Under 17 – £50 per hour

If you would prefer to share a lesson with a friend that is fine. The lesson price is the same so you can share the total cost and each pupil alternates every 15 minutes to ensure equal driving time (up to a maximum of 3 pupils in 1 car).

We offer 2 ways to book your lessons:-

  1. Pay online with credit/debit card via PayPal
  2. Pay by the ‘faster bank payment’ system currently operated by most banks.